The TMFRR is an eclectic G Gauge (garden) railroad located in Mission Viejo, California. The owners, Vic and Sue, started with a patio suspended overhead - loop railroad and quickly realized that our growing enthusiasm for the hobby would not be satisfied with just one line. In 2011 we decided to expand the TMFRR into a true garden railroad and began our research by visiting numerous layouts throughout the country for construction techniques and design ideas. Over the next 5 years we expanded the layout four times until trains, scenery and various themed areas consumed the entire backyard, including a 15-foot high slope.

A significant challenge for us was what did we want the TMFRR to reflect; a specific era in time, a geographical area of the world and its trains, a consistent “scale” within G Scale or just have TooMuchFun. We reflected on one of the most popular and diverse train rides in the world – the Disneyland Railroad (DLRR) and its travels to multiple themed areas. We decided that we were not going to limit ourselves to a particular time, area or scale, but have an extremely eclectic layout, similar to the DLRR and many highly detailed indoor layouts. Over the years of continually expanding construction, we have added dozens of scenes and themes from childhood memories, past travels, and ideas from visiting dozens of indoor and garden layouts.

Additionally, we wanted the fun to continue after dark so we have added over 20,000 weatherproof individual and strip LED lights to every building, landscape area and scene.

While most of the major construction is completed, the detailing continues bringing each of the dozens of themes to life.

Nighttime brings a whole new experience to the TMFRR